Carbon Intensities (CIs) and Other Information from Registered Biofuel Facilities

This page last reviewed March 16, 2016

Registered Fuel Production Facilities

The tables posted below contain information which was submitted voluntarily by the registrants. This information includes the facility name and address, facility and company ID number; the fuel pathway code, CI values and fuel pathway descriptions; and the physical pathway code and descriptions. ARB staff reviews applications for completeness and consistency, but assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the posted information.  It is the registrant’s responsibility to provide accurate information. 

Facilities with Approved Physical Pathways

This table identifies fuel production facilities with an ARB-approved physical pathway demonstration as required by section 95484(c)(2).
Fuel Registration Information with Approved Physical Pathway (last updated February 29, 2016)

Facilities with Physical Pathways Pending

This table identifies fuel production facilities that have submitted their registration to ARB but need to demonstrate sale and delivery of fuel to California.
Fuel Registration Information with Physical Pathway Pending (last updated February 29, 2016)


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