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LCFS Data Management System

This page last reviewed June 10, 2019


This web page provides guidance for establishing an account for LCFS reporting and fuel pathway certification application process, fuel and credit reporting and recordkeeping requirements, and credit transactions under the LCFS program.

ARB developed the LCFS Data Management System to manage all data and processes related to LCFS implementation, including fuel pathway certification approval process, fuel transactions reporting and recordkeeping, and credit generation and transfers. The Data Management System is an interactive, secured web-based system which comprises the following three modules:

  1. LCFS Reporting Tool (LRT)
  2. Credit Bank and Transfer System (CBTS)
  3. Alternative Fuel Portal (AFP)

Although these three modules are related and share data, each has very distinct functionality as described below. LRT and CBTS are closely integrated and can be accessed from the same account. However, a separate account is needed to access AFP.

LCFS Reporting Tool and Credit Bank & Transfer System (LRT-CBTS)

The LRT-CBTS serves the following functions:
  • Organization Registration for Regulated Parties, Opt-Ins, and Brokers
  • Registration of Fueling Supply Equipment (FSE)
  • Quarterly and Annual Reporting 
  • Credit Account Ledger
  • Credit Transfers


Once you have an approved account and are logged into the LRT-CBTS, you will also have access to all administrative user notifications. For more information, please reference LCFS Guidance Documents and FAQs Page.

LCFS Reporting and Compliance Schedules

Under LCFS, all regulated parties must report transportation fuel transactions and credit transfers to ARB. The reporting schedule, LCFS compliance calendar, and the timeline for the LCFS credit clearance market can be seen in the following links:
reporting timeline
compliance calendar

LCFS Credit Clearance Market

More information related to LCFS fuel and credit reporting can be found in this FAQ document pdf.

Guidance for Reporting Denatured Ethanol can be found in the LCFS User Guide for Reporting Denatured Ethanol pdf.

Alternative Fuel Portal (AFP)

The AFP serves the following functions:
  • Registration of alternative fuel production facilities, including ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, biomethane, and hydrogen
  • Submittal of Attestation Letters
  • Fuel Pathway Certification Application and Evaluation Process (both re-certification and new pathways) and submitting all necessary documentation

For guidance on the AFP, please download the AFP User Guide pdf.


More information about the fuel pathway certification process can be found in the LCFS Fuel Pathways web page.

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If you have questions regarding the above information, please contact via email Stephen d'Esterhazy for general questions related to LCFS Reporting and Greg O'Brien for questions related to LCFS Data Management System.

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