Register Your Biofuel Facility

This page last reviewed May 11, 2015

biofuelThe Biofuel Producer Registration (registration) is a voluntary, non-regulatory program created to assist regulated parties subject to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) regulation. The registration is intended to serve only as a clearinghouse of biofuel producers, both within the State (i.e., regulated party biofuel producers) and without (i.e., regulated party or non-regulated party biofuel producers). The Registration Form is for use by any such biofuel producer to voluntarily register its facilities that produce ethanol or biomass-based diesel fuel that is or can be sold, supplied, or offered for sale in California. Registration involves providing to ARB the Carbon Intensity (CI) values and an Initial Demonstration of the Physical Pathway (how the fuel arrives in California) for the fuel(s) produced at their facilities.

Important Note to Biofuel Producers and Purchasers of Biofuels
The accuracy of any information submitted pursuant to this voluntary registration, including but not limited to any claimed CI values, and the verification of any such submitted information is the sole responsibility of the biofuel producer that submitted the information. The ARB makes no warranties, express, implied, or otherwise, as to the validity, accuracy, marketability, merchantability, or any other aspect of any information submitted under this registration program or any information published by ARB as a result of or derived from this registration. No data, analysis, results, or other information that may be published by ARB as a result of registration shall constitute or be construed as instruments, securities, or any other form of property. Further, no LCFS credit derived from the registration data, analysis, results or other registration information published by ARB shall constitute or be construed as instruments, securities, or any other form of property.
ARB reserves the right to review and audit at any time any of the information submitted as part of this registration and, as a result, the registration data, analysis, results, or other registration information published by ARB are subject to change.

How to Register

You may register your facility through the Alternative Fuels Registration System (AFRS). The AFRS can be accessed under Fuel Producer Registration tab from the LRT-CBTS website.

How to select Carbon Intensity (CI) Values during registration

The LCFS Carbon Intensity Lookup Tables are embedded in the Registration From to facilitate your CI value selection. You may directly click the following link to see the most updated Lookup Tables.

When selecting the Carbon Intensity value for the fuel produced at your biofuel facility, please refer to the Detailed California-Modified GREET Pathways for Transportation Fuels to ensure that the Carbon Intensity Value is appropriate for your facility. The published fuel pathways can be found at: Published Fuel Pathways

If there is no fuel pathway in the Lookup Tables that closely matches the facility feedstock and production process, you will need to apply for a new or modified LCFS fuel pathway under what is known as the “Method 2A/2B process.”  For additional information, please contact please contact Anil Prabhu. That process is described in the Guidance Document.

ARB has posted a number of ARB initiated fuel pathways (Internal ARB Fuel Pathways), and Method 2A-2B Applications for new or modified fuel pathways (External Fuel Producers Pathways) under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). These new fuel pathways can be found at: New Fuel Pathways

If you want to register with any of these newly published fuel pathways and Carbon Intensity (CI) numbers, please refer to the “Instruction” sheet of the Registration From. Please note that use of Method 2A-2B fuel pathways and CI values are subject to specific conditions and ARB approval.


If you have any questions, please contact Jing Yuan or at (916) 322-8875 or Reza Lorestany or at (916) 324-5402.