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LCFS Land Use Change Assessment

This page last reviewed May 6, 2016

This page provides information regarding the land use change assessment under the LCFS. In 2009, the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) model was adopted with the original LCFS adoption. In 2011, the Board directed staff to continue working with interested stakeholders to update the indirect land use change (iLUC) carbon intensity values for various biofuels. Staff has been collaborating with stakeholders, and as part of the 2015 LCFS readoption, the GTAP model was updated and the AEZ-EF model was created to supplement GTAP's estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from various types of land conversions. This page provides information about indirect land use change and the models used for the land use change assessment and supporting documentation.

iLUC Analysis

Current Version: GTAP and AEZ-EF Models

Previous Versions: GTAP Model and Supporting Documentation

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