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Guidance Documents and FAQs

This page last reviewed July 12, 2019

Guidance Documents

  • Relevant through 2018 Q4 Reporting
  • The following guidance documents will no longer pertain to ongoing implementation of the LCFS and will be deleted after the Q4 2018 reporting period concludes (April 2019):
    1. Regulatory Guidance 18-02 (December 2018): Carbon Intensity Benchmarks in Effect Starting Q1 2019
    2. Draft Regulatory Guidance 17-01 (January 2017): Guidance on Reporting Standardized Volume of Liquid Alternative Fuels
    3. Regulatory Guidance 16-02 (May 2016): Guidance on LCFS Reporting - Clarification of Energy and Mass Density of Natural Gas
    4. Regulatory Guidance 16-01 (May 2016): Guidance on LCFS Reporting - Substitute CIs for Certain Exports
    5. LCFS Reporting Guidance Document (August 3, 2016)

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