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LCFS Pathway Certified Carbon Intensities            

Certified pathway CIs
The alternative fuel's carbon intensity (CI) value is divided by its Energy Economy Ratio (EER) in order to obtain the EER-adjusted CI value, representing the emissions that occur from the use of alternative fuel per MJ of conventional fuel displaced.

Each marker represents an individual certified fuel pathway carbon intensity (CI), adjusted by the Energy Economy Ratio (EER).  The length of each bar indicates the range of carbon intensity that may be achieved by a fuel pathway.  The wide range of carbon intensities is due to the life cycle emissions methodology of the LCFS, variations in feedstock types, origin, raw material production processing efficiencies, and transportation, all of which contribute to an individual producer’s fuel pathway CI.  All valid CI values shown here are certified including legacy, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Lookup Table pathways.


In keeping with section 95488.8(d) of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Regulation, this website provides a list of all certified fuel pathways with their respective CIs. Historic pathway CIs previously certified but no longer valid for reporting are available in the "Historical Pathways" spreadsheet below the table.

The Fuel Pathways Table below is searchable and sortable by feedstock, fuel, classification and/or facility name of your choice.

Public Comments

Section 95488.7(d) of the LCFS Regulation requires that Tier 2 applications be posted for public comments before they can be certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Officer. Such pathways will be posted here for public comments for a period of ten business days. At the end of the comment period, staff will review posted comments and if deemed substantive, request a formal response from the applicant. If the response from the applicant is deemed adequate, staff will recommend certifying the pathway. If deemed inadequate, the pathway application will be denied and the applicant may submit a new application for future consideration. In addition, section 95488.5(d) of the LCFS Regulation provides for an annual update to Lookup Table pathways for electricity.  The CA-GREET3.0 model inputs and data sources used to calculate the annual update to the CA Average Grid Electricity CI will be posted for 45 days for public comment prior to certification.  Public comments, applicant responses, and staff recommendations will be available on this website:

Certified Fuel Pathways List

Downloadable version of Current Lookup Table, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Legacy Fuel Pathway List,
Current Pathways xlsx


Tier 1 & Tier 2 New fuel pathways modeled using the CA-GREET3.0 model
Lookup Table CARB internally developed Lookup Table fuel pathways modeled using the CA-GREET3.0 model
Legacy Pathways certified using CA-GREET2.0 which are available for reporting through 2020 (or until replaced by a CA-GREET3.0 pathway)

  • To view the Substitute Pathways and Default Blend Levels for LCFS Reporting for Specific Fuel Transaction Types, please see the Substitute Pathway Table.

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