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This page last reviewed September 6, 2019

A fuel pathway carbon intensity (CI) consists of the sum of the greenhouse gases emitted throughout each stage of a fuel's production and use, also known as the "well-to-wheels" or "life cycle" analysis for the fuel. CI is expressed as the amount of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions per unit of fuel energy in grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per megajoule (gCO2e/MJ). CIs include the direct effects of producing and using this fuel, as well as indirect effects that may be associated with how the fuel affects other products and markets.

Follow the links below to access the Alternative Fuels Portal (AFP), through which applications are submitted, as well as the AFP user guide.  This page also illustrates the application processes for Lookup Table, Tier 1 and Tier 2 pathways, and includes a number of application checklists.

Submit a Fuel Pathway Application

Lookup Table Pathway Applications

Many Lookup Table pathways do not require an application in the AFP.  Entities seeking to report fuel transactions for CARBOB, Diesel, Compressed Natural Gas, Propane, California Average Grid Electricity and Smart Charging/Smart Electrolysis may register directly in the LRT-CBTS without registering in the AFP.

Entities seeking approval to report fuel transactions using the Lookup Table fuel pathways for zero-CI electricity and hydrogen (section 95488.1(b)(2)(a) through (F)) must submit the fuel pathway applicant attestation letter and the documentation listed in the Application Checklists.  


Lookup Table Applications

See below for guidance on applying for zero-CI electricity and all hydrogen Lookup Table pathways:

Tier 1 Pathway Application and Certification Process


Tier 1 Applications

Tier 1 pathway applications require the submission of a discrete set of inputs in order to calculate the CI.  Applications submitted from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 are not subject to third-party validation requirements. Applicants must submit documentation requested by CARB to substantiate Simplified CI Calculator inputs to CARB during that period. CARB staff typically request for each yellow data field, three months of summary data from the applicant's monitoring system, and one month of source records such as bills of lading and invoices.

Tier 2 Application and Certification Process


Tier 2 Applications

Tier 2 applications do not have a complete set of predetermined site-specific input fields.  Refer to the LCFS Regulation section 95488.7(a) for all application requirements.  For guidance on submitting Tier 2 electricity pathways, refer to the "Electricity and Hydrogen Provisions" page on the LCFS website and the Application Checklist for Tier 2 Electricity.

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