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LCFS Electricity and Hydrogen Provisions

This page last reviewed April 5, 2018

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LCFS specifically exempts a number of lower-carbon fuels, such as electricity and hydrogen, because they meet the carbon intensity targets through 2020. Providers of these fuels, if they choose not to participate in the LCFS program, have no obligations for these fuels under LCFS. However, LCFS allows these fuel providers to “opt-in” to the program and generate LCFS credits that they can sell and trade in the California LCFS market.

How Do I Opt Into the LCFS Program?
Opting into the LCFS program involves registering with ARB in the LRT Credit Bank & Transfer System (LRT-CBTS), and establishing an account. To opt into the program and to register an organization, please visit LRT-CBTS. For more information about opting into the program, see the LCFS Electricity Program FAQs and LCFS Hydrogen Program FAQs in the Related Links below.

By opting into the LCFS program and providing electricity and hydrogen as transportation fuels, the electricity and hydrogen providers can earn LCFS credits. The credits will have a monetary value when sold to regulated parties who must offset deficits created by their supply of fuels with CIs that exceed the LCFS standards.

For electricity used as a transportation fuel, the entities that are eligible to generate LCFS credits are:
  • Electric vehicle service providers (EVSP) for public charging stations
  • Site hosts of private access electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment at a business or workplace
  • EV fleet operators for fleets of electric vehicles (including electric forklifts)
  • Transit agencies operating fixed guideway systems or electric buses
  • Battery switch station owners
  • Electrical Distribution Utilities (EDU) for residential charging, and for all of the above categories, if no other parties opt-in and generate credits.

For hydrogen used as a transportation fuel, the parties who are eligible to generate LCFS credits are:
  • The entity who owns the finished hydrogen fuel at the time the finished fuel is created, or
  • The entity who acquires ownership of finished hydrogen fuel, if the transferor and recipient agree by written contract that the entity acquiring ownership is eligible to generate credits
  • Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts fleet owner.

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