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LCFS Crude Oil Lifecycle Assessment

This page last reviewed June 17, 2019


This page provides information regarding the Crude Oil Lifecycle Assessment under the LCFS. In 2009, the Board directed staff to prepare guidelines to assist regulated parties in determining carbon intensity values for crude oil used in California. Staff organized several workgroup meetings in 2010 an 2011 and adopted the Oil Production Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimator (OPGEE) Model in 2012. The OPGEE model was updated as part of the 2015 LCFS readoption. This page provides the results of Crude Oil Lifecycle Assessment and its suporting documents.

Innovative Crude Oil Production Method LCFS Credits

Proposed Version (part of the 2018 LCFS Amendments): OPGEE Model and Supporting Information

        Archived Version (March 6, 2018)

Current Version: OPGEE Model and Supporting Information

Final California Crude Average Carbon Intensity Values (View Public Comments)

Mid-Year Crude Average Carbon Intensity Estimates

Previous Versions: OPGEE Model and Supporting Information

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