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Public Comments - LCFS Method 2 Fuel Pathway Applications

This page last reviewed January 29, 2016


In keeping with section 95486 (f)(3)(E) of the original LCFS regulation, Method 2 fuel pathway applications are posted to this web page for public comment once staff has deemed them to be complete. Comments on each posted application are accepted for ten calendar days. Comments identifying potential factual or methodological errors in an application will be forwarded to the applicant. All other comments will be discarded. Upon receiving valid comments, applicants must either correct the errors identified and submit a revised application packet reflecting those corrections, or submit a detailed written response to the Executive Officer explaining why no revisions are necessary.

If you wish to submit a comment, locate the application on which you are commenting in the table below, and click the Comments Submission link in the right-most column of row containing the title of that application. A comment form will appear. 

Newly Posted Applications (Last updated January 29, 2016) 

# Posted Date Fuel Producers/Applications Facility Location Fuel Pathways Submitted Applications Public Comments Deadline
233 12/30/2015 Copersucar, S.A - Pedra Agroindustrial S.A. Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazillian Sugarcane By-product Molasses to Ethanol (ETHM014) Application Package No longer accepting comments

Please see the list of received comments
January 09, 2016
5:00 PM

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Response to Comments Received

# Posted Date Fuel Producers/Applications Fuel Pathways Public Comments Response
228 12/22/2015 California Bioenergy LLC (Prospective Pathway) Dairy Digester Gas to CNG in California (CNG056) Comment 2 Posted on 12/26/2015 Response
206 12/17/2015 ENSYN Tree residue to Renewable Gasoline RNWG001-004 Comments 24, 29 Response
183 POET Liberty (Emmetsburg, IA) Corn Stover to Ethanol (ETHB004) Comments 32 Response
185 Universal Biofuels (Andhra Pradesh, India)
Indian Tallow to Biodiesel (BIOD039) Comments 25, 26, 27 Response
184 UCO Source World-wide  to BD (BIOD040)
182 Eco Solutions (South Korea) Korean UCO to BD (BIOD041) Response
N/A 11/12/2014 Global Clean Energy (Sustainable Oils) Camelina Sativa to Camelina Oil (Feedstock Production CI Only) (Application Documentation) Comment 21, 22 Response
N/A 09/08/2014 ARB Internal Pathway Biodiesel Produced in the Corn Oil (from Wet DGS) Producing States and Western U.S. Comment 19, 20 Response
N/A 09/08/2014 ARB Internal Pathway Biomethane from Wastewater Sludge (CNG020 & CNG021) Comment 17, 18 Response
71 01/27/2014 Western Plains Energy LLC Corn Ethanol (ETHC089, ETHC090) and Sorghum Ethanol (ETHG012, ETHG013) Comment 16 Response
69 Neste Oil Singapore, Pte Ltd SEA Fish Oil to Renewable Diesel (RNWD006) Comment 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Response
67 12/17/2013 Endicott Biofuels II LLC Palm Fatty Acid Distillates (PFAD) to Biodiesel (BIOD012) Comment 5, 9 Pending
66 Raizen Energia S.A (Costa Pinto Mill) Molasses Ethanol (ETHM004) Comment 2346, 7, 8, 10 Response

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