California Reformulated Gasoline Program

This page last reviewed May 31, 2018

This page provides information on California's reformulated gasoline (CaRFG) program.  The California reformulated gasoline program set stringent standards for California gasoline that produced cost-effective emission reductions from gasoline-powered vehicles. The CaRFG program was implemented in three phases.  Phase 1, which was implemented in 1991,  eliminated lead from gasoline and set regulations for deposit control additives and reid vapor pressure (RVP).  Phase 2 CaRFG (CaRFG2) set specifications for sulfur, aromatics, oxygen, benzene, T50, T90, Olefins, and RVP and established a Predictive Model.  Phase 3 CaRFG (CaRFG3) eliminated methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether from California gasoline.

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