Gasoline Deposit Control Additives

This page last reviewed on November 7, 2014

This section of our website provides information regarding deposit control additives in gasoline and their effect on combustion chamber deposits and the resulting effect on emissions. 

Current Regulations

  • The regulations for required additives in gasoline are in section 2257 of the ARB Motor Vehicle  Gasoline Regulations (Title 13, CCR, Sections 2250-2273.5, reflecting amendments effective October 9, 2012) (PDF‑493k) or (DOCX‑819k)

  • Certification Activity

Board Hearing Documents

Public Meetings and Documents
November 7, 2014 PFI Certification Fuel and IVD and CCD Test Method Advisory
July 29, 2009 Third Advisory Letter Regarding Certification Test Fuels ( PDF-21k)
January 31, 2007 2006 Silver Corrosion Inhibitor Survey Notification Letter ( PDF-40k) and Survey (DOC-111k) or total package (PDF-154k)
January 31, 2007 2005 Silver Corrosion Inhibitor Survey Advisory Letter and Survey Package (PDF-68k)
June 18, 2001 Advisory Letter Regarding Certification for Phase 3 Gasoline (PDF – 32k
April 21, 2001 Second Advisory Letter Regarding Certification Test Fuels (PDF – 135k
December 21, 2000 Advisory Letter Regarding Certification Test Fuels (PDF – 125k)
August 1999 Advisory Letter for 1998 Amendments to the Gasoline Deposit Control Additive Regulation (PDF – 129k)
July 24, 1998 Workshop Notice
June 11, 1998 Workshop Notice
March 24, 1998  Workshop Notice

Other Information