LPG Task Group

Meeting Summary * March 26, 1998

I. Introduction

This meeting was held to provide an update on the status of the test program and to address some organizational matters. The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

Test Program Status

Octane Testing

Memorandum of Understanding/Antitrust Filing

Other Issues

The agenda, meeting materials, and a revised list of the Technical Assessment Committee members is enclosed.

II. Test Program Status

A batch of the LPG blends for the octane tests and the light duty and medium duty emission tests were ordered in early March and the first shipment is expected in early April. The medium duty emission tests will be conducted in the ORTECH laboratory in Canada. ORTECH staff began the engine preparation necessary for conducting the emissions testing and will begin the emissions tests when the test fuels arrive.

Performance testing will follow the emissions tests. Adept has solicited bids for performance testing from various labs and continues to refine the bid for the fuel property tests and the octane testing. During the meeting, some task group members raised concerns regarding which test methods to use for evaluating the test fuel properties. Some task group members agreed to investigate the issue and discuss it with Adept before the fuel property tests began.

III. Memorandum of Understanding / Antitrust Filing

The final package of the MOU was distributed in February. Task group members are to sign the signature page and mail it to Adept. Once Adept has collected all of the signature pages, they will provide copies of the MOU package and signatures to each of the participating members.

Previously, antitrust concerns were raised, and ARCO asked the task group to file a Disclosure of Joint Research as an added protection. ARCO volunteered to make the filing for the task group, and worked with ARB staff and Adept to draft language to be used in the filing. A copy of the proposed language was sent to the task group. ARCO will need signatures from the participating members before the disclosure can be filed.

V. Other Issues

Technical Assessment Committee/ Financial Committee - Changes were made to the Technical Assessment committee to simplify the process of making short-term decisions. Representatives from Natural Resources Canada, South Coast Air Quality Managment District, and Equilon (formerly Shell) chose to be removed from the Technical Assessment Committee. A revised list of the Technical Assessment Committee is enclosed. Task group agreed that financial issues could be address on an as needed basis and felt that a financial committee was not needed at this time.

Funding - Adept estimated that there is a funding shortfall of $140,000 for the proposed test program and will continue to pursue other sources for additional funds.


LPG Task Group Meeting Materials

March 26, 1998

1. Meeting Agenda

2. Revised Technical Assessment Committee List