LPG Task Group

Meeting Minutes 1998-02-03 LPG Testing

I. Introduction

This meeting was held at the California Air Resources Board (ARB) in southern California.Prior to the meeting, LPG Task Group members were given a tour of the ARB's vehicleemissions testing facilities. The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

Test Program Status

Memorandum of Understanding

Medium-duty Engine Selection

Other Issues

The agenda for this meeting and the original list of the Technical Assessment Committee isenclosed.

II. Test Program Status

As of this meeting, some bids have been received for test fuels and octane testing, and ORTECHsubmitted its proposal for the medium-duty emissions testing. The B5.9 engine to be used forthe emissions testing has been delivered to ORTECH. However, testing cannot begin untilcontracts are made with contributing parties and until the memorandum of understanding (MOU)is agreed upon. Testing can begin before the MOU is signed by all participants.

III. Memorandum of Understanding

Task Group members agreed that a final copy of the MOU, with a separate signature page, wouldbe sent to each MOU participant as soon as it was completed by Adept. Very few changes areexpected beyond the comments already received by the date of this meeting. When signed, thesignature page would be returned to Adept. Adept will collect the signature pages from eachparticipant and keep the originals. They will provide copies of all signature pages to the MOUparticipants for their records. In the event that there is a remaining concern with the final versionof the MOU, another revision may be necessary.

Task group members agreed that the antitrust concerns should be addressed separately from theMOU. Antitrust concerns were raised by ARCO at the prior meeting, and they asked for the taskgroup to file a Disclosure of Joint Research as an added protection. ARCO drafted preliminarylanguage for the filing, and ARB staff agreed to work with ARCO and Adept to prepare thenotice. The notice will be signed by the MOU participants and filed by Adept or ARCO.

IV. Medium-duty Engine Selection

At the prior meeting, the project manager raised the concern as to whether or not the Cumminsproduction B5.9 LPG engine was the most appropriate to test for emissions and was to determineif there were an alternate engine that could be used in its place. No other medium-duty engine isexpected to be available for testing in the near future. Task group members agreed to continuethe test program with the Cummins B5.9 as originally planned.

V. Other Issues

The LPG Board hearing is scheduled for December 10, 1998 and ARB staff must publish a staffreport by October 23, 1998. At this time, it is unlikely the test program will be completed inOctober; however, it is still possible to complete the emission and performance tests before thehearing date. To save time, the LPG Task Group members agreed that fuel property and octanetests could be conducted in parallel with engine tests.

To expedite the test program, the fuel supplier and octane testing contract will have to beselected in the next few weeks. The task group agreed to have the Technical AssessmentCommittee, created in November 1997, make those decisions until the logistics for decision-making on contract matters can be discussed at the next meeting. Representatives from theTexas Railroad Commission and Natural Resources Canada were added to the TechnicalAssessment Committee at the meeting. A copy of the original Technical Assessment Committeeis enclosed.


LPG Task Group Meeting Materials

February 3, 1998

1. Meeting Agenda