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The Clean Fuels Outlet (CFO) Regulation is intended to provide fueling infrastructure to meet the needs of those driving clean, alternative fuel vehicles. This program was initiated in 1990 and last updated in 2000. The CFO program was originally designed to complement California’s Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards by ensuring the availability of clean alternative fuels. Since this time, LEV emission standards have continuously been met with conventional fuels. Today, however, more than low emission vehicles are needed to achieve long-term greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emission reductions in the light-duty vehicle sector.

In 2012, ARB approved amendments to the LEV and Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Regulations as part of the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) Program. The ACC program also included amendments to CFO that complement the ZEV program by ensuring adequate fueling infrastructure for ZEVs, specifically battery-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).  The greatest challenge to commercializing FCEVs is hydrogen fueling stations.

Fortunately, the passage of Assembly Bill 8 (AB 8) in September 2013 meant that amendments to the CFO regulation were no longer necessary. AB 8 ensures continued funding for hydrogen fueling infrastructure until there are at least 100 public hydrogen fueling stations operating in California. This will, in turn, provide automobile manufacturers with certainty that the necessary infrastructure will be in place to support commercial introductions of FCEVs in the coming years.  Here you will find activities pertaining to the CFO regulation as well as links to relevant information sources.

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