Local Air District Title V Permit Documents and EPA Comments / Objection Letters

This page last reviewed April 2, 2009

Various local air pollution districts within California are now providing their Title V Permits for placement at this website. These permits are sorted by local district and provide each document in the district's own word processing software (WordPerfect or Word), and are also converted to Adobe Acrobat for downloading.

You can access permit related documents by using our search engine capability or by accessing the files which are categorized by district within document type. The documents are stored under one of the five file types listed below:

I. Final Permits: The version of a Title V permit issued by the district after completion of all Title V review procedures.
II. EPA Region IX Comments on Districts' Title V  Permits: EPA comments consist of two types. A comment that is designated as an objection issue must be addressed by the district by revising the permit to meet the objection before the final Title V permit may be issued. A comment that is not an objection issue is a recommendation that may or may not be addressed by the district before the final permit is issued.
III. Proposed Permits: The version of a Title V permit that the district proposes to issue and forwards to EPA for review.
IV. Draft Permits: The version of a Title V permit that the district releases for public review / participation and/or for affected (e.g. neighboring) State review. (The "draft" permit may be released before the "proposed" permit is prepared.)
V. Permit Templates:  A set of permit conditions which addresses the specific  emission limitations and other requirements for all similar emissions units or pieces of equipment in a particlar source category (e.g., natural gas-fired boilers with a maximum capacity greater than 250 MMBtu).  Conditions in an applicable permit template may be included in a facility's Title V permit without public or U.S. EPA review provided the template, itself, has undergone review with full public and U.S. EPA participation.



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