Alternative California Test Methods

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This file lists California test methods that have been determined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), Region IX to be technically acceptable for inclusion into the State Implementation Plan (SIP) or for use in conjunction with SIP-approved rules. However, U.S. EPA reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any accepted test method for compliance determinations in new or revised rules submitted for incorporation into the SIP. Initial compliance testing for NSPS must be done with U.S. EPA methods.

The file lists the regulatory agency (district or ARB), the method number, the title of the test method, and the adoption date of the method version approved by U.S. EPA, Region IX. There are comments at the end of this list associated with the test methods identified by an asterisk (*).

For further information, please contact Stanley Tong at (415) 744-1191 of U.S. EPA, Region IX.



ARB 1 Sample and Velocity Traverses for Stationary Sources March 28, 1986
ARB 2 Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate (Type S Pitot Tube) June 29, 1983
ARB 2A Direct Measurement of Gas Volume Through Pipes and Small Ducts March 28, 1986
ARB 3 Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Excess Air, and Molecular Weight March 28, 1986
ARB 4 Determination of Moisture Content in Stack Gases June 29, 1983
ARB 5* Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions from Stationary Sources July 28, 1997
ARB 7 Determination of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Stationary Sources September 26, 1996
ARB 10 Determination of Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Stationary Sources June 29, 1983
ARB 12 Determination of Inorganic Lead Emissions from Stationary Sources March 28, 1986
ARB 13A Determination of Fluoride Emissions: SPADNS Zirconium Lake Method March 28, 1986
ARB 17 Particulate Emissions (In-Stack Filtration Method) June 29, 1983
ARB 100 Procedures for Continuous Gaseous Emission Stack Sampling July 28, 1997
ARB 401* Determination of the Weight Percent of VOC in Waste Products March 28, 1986
ARB 422 Exempt Halogenated VOCs in Gases September 12, 1990
ARB 425* Determination of Total and Hexavalent Chromium Emissions July 28, 1997
ARB 431 Determination of Ethyne Oxide Emissions from Stationary Sources November 13, 1998
ARB 432 Exempt Halogenated VOC in Liquids September 12, 1989
ARB 436 Determination of Multiple Metals September 26, 1996


BAAQMD 4A Determination of Lead Collected on Particulate Filters February 27, 1996
BAAQMD 9 Determination of Compliance Solvents, Coatings, and Related Products December 12, 1990
BAAQMD 10 Determination of Sulfur in Fuel Oil September 2, 1998
BAAQMD 13 Determination of the Reid Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products September 1989
BAAQMD 21 Compliance for Air-Dried Arch., Water Based Coatings June 1989
BAAQMD 22 Compliance, Air-Dried Solvent Based Coating December 20, 1995
BAAQMD 23 Determination of Volatile Emissions from Polyester Resins April 15, 1992
BAAQMD 26 Determination of Volatile Weight Loss of Gel Coats April 15, 1992
BAAQMD 28 Determination of Vapor Pressure of Organic Liquids from Tanks March 22, 1991
BAAQMD 29 Determination of Ethanol in Bakery Effluents December 21, 1988
BAAQMD 31 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Paint Strippers, Solvent Cleaners, and Low Solids Coatings November 1989
BAAQMD 33 Determination of Dissolved Critical VOCs in Waste Water Separators November 1, 1989
BAAQMD 35 VOC in Solvent Based Aerosol Paints January 19, 1994
BAAQMD 36 VOC in Water Based Aerosol Paints October 3, 1990
BAAQMD 37 Determination of Perchloroethylene in Dry Cleaning Filtration Wastes April 3, 1991
BAAQMD 38 Determination of Petroleum Solvent in Dry Cleaning Filtration Wastes April 3, 1991
BAAQMD 39 Determination of Styrene Monomer Content of Polyester Resins April 15, 1992
BAAQMD 40 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Adhesives Used for Pipes and Fittings June 5, 1996
BAAQMD 41 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Solvent-Based Coatings and Related Materials Containing Parachlorobenzotrifluoride December 20, 1995
BAAQMD 42 Determination of Ammonia in Coatings, Inks, and Related Materials November 6, 1996
BAAQMD 43 Determination of Volatile Methylsiloxanes in Solvent-based Coatings, Inks, and Related Materials November 6, 1996
BAAQMD ST-1B Ammonia, Continuous Sampling January 20, 1982
BAAQMD ST-3 Bulk Plants Emission Factor Determination December 21, 1994
BAAQMD ST-27 Gasoline Dispensing Facility - Dynamic Back Pressure December 21, 1994
BAAQMD ST-30 Gasoline Dispensing Facility - Leak Test Procedure December 21, 1994
BAAQMD ST-32 Ethanol, Integrated Sampling December 21, 1988
BAAQMD ST-33 Gasoline Cargo Tanks December 21, 1994
BAAQMD ST-34 Bulk Gasoline Distribution Facilities-ER Unit or C Adsorption December 21, 1994


SCAQMD RO Protocol for Determination of Particulate and Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Restaurant Operations November 14, 1997
SCAQMD TE* Procedure for Testing Spray Equipment Transfer Efficiency May 24, 1989
SCAQMD CS* Solvent Losses from Spray Gun Cleaning Systems October 3, 1989
SCAQMD CE Protocol for Determination of VOC Capture Efficiency May 1995
SCAQMD 1.1 Sample and Velocity Traverses for Stationary Sources March 1989
SCAQMD 1.2 Sample and Velocity Traverse for Stationary Sources with Small Stacks March 1989
SCAQMD 2.1 Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate (S-Type Pitot Tube) March 1989
SCAQMD 2.2 Direct Measurement of Gas Volume Through Pipes and Small Ducts March 1989
SCAQMD 2.3 Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate from Small Stacks or Ducts March 1989
SCAQMD 3.1 Gas Analysis for Dry Molecular Weight and Excess Air March 1989
SCAQMD 4.1 Determination of Moisture Content in Stack Gases March 1989
SCAQMD 5.1 Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions -- Wet Impingement March 1989
SCAQMD 5.2 Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions -- Heated Probe & Filter March 1989
SCAQMD 6.1 Determination of Sulfuric Acid & Sulfur Oxides from Stationary Sources March 1989
SCAQMD 7.1 Determination of NOx Emissions from Stationary Sources March 1989
SCAQMD 25.1 Total Gaseous Non-Methane Organic Emissions February 1991
SCAQMD 25.3 Determination of Low Concentration Non-Ethane Non-Methane Organic Compound Emissions From Clean-Fueled Combustion Sources March 2000
SCAQMD 100.1 Instrumental Analyzer Procedures for Continuous Gaseous Sampling March 1989
SCAQMD 205.1 Determination of Hexavalent and Total Chromium from Plating August 1991
SCAQMD 300-91 Analysis of Asbestos in Bulk Materials August 1996
SCAQMD 301-91 Identification of Particles by Microscopy August 1996
SCAQMD 302-91 Distillation of Solvents from Paints, Coatings, and Inks February 1993
SCAQMD 303-91 Determination of Exempt Compounds August 1996
SCAQMD 304-91 Determination of VOC in Various Materials February 1996
SCAQMD 305-91 Determination of VOC in Aerosol Applications June 1993
SCAQMD 306-91 Analysis of Pentanes in Expandable Styrene Polymers February 1993
SCAQMD 307-91 Determination of Sulfur in a Gaseous Matrix March 1994
SCAQMD 308-91 Quantitation of Compounds by Gas Chromatography February 1993     
SCAQMD 309-91 Determination of Static Volatile Emissions February 1993
SCAQMD 310-91 Determination of Perchloroethylene May 1993
SCAQMD 312-91 Determination of Percent Monomer in Polyester Resins April 1996
SCAQMD 313-91 Determination of VOC by GC / MS June 1993
SCAQMD 314-91 Quantitation of Photochemically Reactive Compounds February 1993
SCAQMD 315-91 Determination of H2S and Mercaptans in Oil and Sludge Samples November 1996
SCAQMD 316B-97 Determination of VOCs in Adhesives Containing Cyanoacrylates August 1997
SCAQMD 316A-92 Determination of VOCs in Materials Used for Pipes And Fittings October 1996
SCAQMD 317-93 Determination of Natural Fibers August 1996
SCAQMD 318-95* Determination of Weight Percent Elemental Metal in Coatings by X-Ray July 1996
SCAQMD 501.1 Total Non-Methane Vapors from Organic Loading and Storage March 1989
SDAPCD Raoult's Law Calculation for Vapor Pressure of VOC Mixtures
SDAPCD 24D* Determination of Density, Total Volatile Matter Content and Weight Solids of Surface Coatings Containing Photosensitive Reactive Diluents July 1993
SDAPCD 100* Test Procedures for the Determination of Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide and Diluent Gases by Continuous Emission Monitoring May 1995
SJVUAPCD LBNL-VP*  Vapor Pressure of Reactive Organic Compounds in Heavy Crude Oil Using Gas Chromatography March 2000 


  ARB 5 Combine weight of probe and filter catch when used as a test method for SIP-approved rule or 40 CFR Parts 60 or 63.
  ARB 401 This method cannot be substituted for EPA Method 25D.
  ARB 425 This method has been approved as an alternative to EPA Method 306 for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with the Chrome Plating ATCM / NESHAP.
  SCAQMD TE This method cannot be used for generating TE credits.
  SCAQMD CS This method cannot be used for actual emission results.
  SCAQMD 318-95 Use for metals other than Aluminum requires validation.
  SDAPCD 24D This method is only acceptable for NAPP Systems, Inc. in the San Diego APCD.     
  SDAPCD 100 This method does not measure SO2.
  SJVUAPCD LBNL - VP This method has not been reviewed or approved for use in determining compliance with other programs e.g., the air toxic program.

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