October 15,1997

Mr. Dick WilsonMr.                                                Steven A. Herman
Acting Assistant Administrator                               Assistant Administrator
Office of Air and Radiation                                     Office of Enforcement and
United States Environmenta                                    Compliance Assurance
  Protection Agency                                                 United States Environmental
401 M Street, SW                                                       Protection Agency
Washington, DC 20460                                           401 M Street, SW
                                                                                 Washington, DC 20460

Dear Mr. Wilson/Mr. Herman:

         On behalf of the California Section 112(l) Negotiating Team (Team)(1), I am writing to request a meeting with you at your earliest convenience to bring closure to issues associated with the integration of the federal air toxics program with California's air pollution control program.

         Over the last three months, we have been working closely with representatives of your offices, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Region 9, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District to conduct a detailed comparison of California and federal requirements for five stationary source categories. We have discussed the preliminary results of this effort with representatives of the Team and have concluded that the effort was sufficiently encouraging to now meet again with you to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions to the integration issue.

          On a related topic, we appreciate the work that has been done to release the proposed Subpart E amendments. However, we believe that the proposed Subpart E amendments are critical to successful integration efforts. As you indicated in your public notice, the proposed Subpart E amendments do not reflect the outcome of the

1          The California Section 112(l) Negotiating Team consists of representatives from the following organizations: Air Resources Board, South Coast Air Quality Management District, San Diego Air Pollution Control District, Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District, Western States Petroleum Association, Regulatory Flexibility Group, Natural Resources Defense Council, U.S. EPA Region IX, U.S. EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, U.S. EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, and U.S. EPA Office of General Counsel.

Mr. Dick Wilson/Mr. Steve Herman
October 15, 1997
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ongoing work in California. Therefore, we encourage you to work with us to incorporate necessary changes into the proposed Subpart E amendments prior to submitting them to the Office of Management and Budget. Pending a successful outcome of our meeting, we believe these changes can be expeditiously incorporated into Subpart E.

          We look forward to a positive response. If you have any questions, or to arrange a meeting, please call me at (916) 445-4383.


                                                                             Michael P. Kenny
                                                                             Executive Officer

cc:     Ms. Pat Leyden, South Coast AQMD
          Mr. Rich Sommerville, San Diego County APCD
          Ms. Barbara Lee, Northern Sonoma County APCD
          Mr. Mike Carroll, Latham and Watkins
          Mr. Mike Wang, Western States Petroleum Association
          Ms. Gail Ruderman Feuer, Natural Resources Defense Council
          Ms. Felicia Marcus, U.S. EPA Region IX
          Mr. Steve Lipman, U.S. EPA-OAR
          Mr. David Howekamp, U.S. EPA Region IX
          Ms. Lydia Wegman, U.S. EPA-OAQPS
          Mr. Bruce Jordan, U.S. EPA-OAQPS
          Mr. Bruce Buckheit, U.S. EPA-OECA
          Mr. Michael Winer, U.S. EPA-OGC
          Mr. Mark Boese, San Joaquin Valley Unified AQMD
          Mr. Bill Becker, STAPPA/ALAPCO
          Mr. Dick Wilson/Mr. Steve Herman