Laser Touch Model LT-B512

This page updated September 17, 2003

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Certified Performance Claim:

When using Laser Touch Model LT-B512 with an Accuspray Model 19 high volume low pressure paint spray gun, in accordance with the Laser Touch manufacturer’s instructions, the volume of a single-stage polyurethane enamel application was decreased by an average of 15 percent and therefore a corresponding volatile organic compound emissions reduction of an average 15 percent can be assumed.

Technology Description:

The Laser Touch model LT-B512 device, attaches to a HVLP paint spray gun, contains a diode laser, beam splitter, and a reflecting mirror to generate a reference beam and a gauge beam. The reference beam transmits in a fixed forward direction, but the gauge beam is redirected by adjusting the attitude of the reflecting mirror. The reference beam and the gauge beam intersect at a convergence point, which can be repositioned to a selected distance from the nozzle of the spray painting system by adjusting the path of the gauge beam. The painter can identify the ideal gun-to-target paint application distance by locating the convergence point on the surface being painted.

Technology Application:

The use of the Laser Touch model LT-B512 as an assistive device for an HVLP paint spray gun for automotive refinishing operations and other spray painting applications.


Evaluation Report

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