Lokring Fittings

This page last reviewed February 15, 2007

Lokring™ Technology
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Certified Performance Claim
"The LokringTM Technology’s LokringTM SS40 stainless steel and MAS-3000 carbon steel series fittings (1/4 inch through 3 inch) installed on qualified matching pipe (meeting ASTM specifications) have a helium leak rate that is no greater than 1 x 10-9 standard cubic centimeters per second which is equivalent to an estimated volatile organic compound emission rate that is no greater than 2.4 x 10-12 kilograms per hour (4.6 x 10-8 pounds per year)."

Technology Description
Lokring™ connectors do not use elastometric or rubber seals, O-rings, or gaskets. The Lokring™ connectors create their seal by shaping the pipe wall first elastically and then plastically with the connector. The connectors, based on helium testing, have a volatile organic compound emission rate that is no greater than 2.4*10-12 kilograms per hour or 4.6*10-8 pounds per year.

Technology Application
Lokring™ connectors are used with liquid and gas piping systems in water, solvent and hydrocarbon based applications. They are available to fit piping ranging from 1/4 inch to 3 inches in various pipe to pipe, T-shaped or elbow configuration.

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