Curtiss-Wright No Leak Valve Models 100 and 120

This page updated September 8, 2003

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation

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Certified Performance Claim

Model 100

"A closed system without the potential for fugitive volatile organic compound emissions."

Model 120

"A calculated fugitive VOC emission rate that is no greater than 5.0X10-8 kilograms per hour (.001 pounds per year) and the Model 120 flow control valve showed no performance degradation after 112,109 cycles with respect to fugitive VOC emissions."

Technology Description
The Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation (CWFCC) flow-control valve Model 100 is a closed system utilizing an all seal welded design, without the potential for fugitive VOC emissions. The Model 120 design includes flanges with highly reliable static seals with a calculated fugitive VOC emission rate no greater than 5.0E-8 kilograms per hour. Both models use solenoid-actuation to control a valve stem that is completely contained within the process pressure boundary; they do not use a stem seal, packing gland, or bellows.

Technology Application

The CWFCC manufactures solenoid operated valves that, depending on the model, are leak-tight or leak-proof and therefore can be used to reduce fugitive volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. The valves can provide isolation (on / off) or control (variable flow) for process systems ranging in line size from ½ inch to 8 inches. These valves are typically used in refineries and petrochemical plants in liquid, gas, steam, two-phase fluid systems.

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