Enforcement Symposium 2016 -- Presentations

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Opening Comments
Alan Abbs, CAPCOA


TRACK 1: Inspection-Focused Topics

TRACK 2: Management-Focused Topics

8:30 A Review of NSR &Title V
David Lusk, BCAQMD
Mutual Settlements
David Grose, SMAQMD
9:45 Permit & Inspection Connection
David Lusk, BCAQMD
Mutual Settlement Panel Discussion
Moderator: David Grose SMAQMD
Panelists: Eric Kett, Dan Searcy, Greg Mayes
10:50 PERP: Changes and Challenges
Moderator: Bob McLaughlin, BCAQMD
Panelists: David Grose, SMAQMD, Paul Hensleigh,YSAQMD, Mike Guzzetta, ARB
1:00 Inspection Techniques 101
William Jaques, SDAPCD
Smart Negotiating: Negotiation Skills for Environmental Enforcement Professionals
Rick Migliore, Western States Project
2:00 Compliance Assistance & Regulated Community Perspecitves
William Jaques, SDAPCD
Becky Wood, Teichert
Mock Negotiations
Rick Migliore, Western States Project
3:15 The Nuances of Public Complaints & Nuisance
Cher Snyder, SCAQMD
David Grose, SMAQMD

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


CAPCOA & ARB Enforcement Collaboration Perspectives
Alan Abbs, CAPCOA
Todd Sax, ARB

  TRACK 1: Inspection-Focused Topics TRACK 2: Management-Focused Topics
8:30 Non-Compliance Tools
Vickie McGrath, ARB
John Angi, SMAQMD
Succession Planning & Recruitment
Jamille Moens, SMAQMD
9:45 Case Development
Matt Maclear, ATA Law Group
Staff Onboarding & Training
Leisa Bush, ARB
Tracy Lee, BAAQMD - Presentation
Bob McLaughlin, BCAQMD - Presentation
10:50 Facts to Fines - Intersection of Inspections and Settlement Cases
Greg Mayes, SCAQMD

Lunch & Keynote: Technology and Enforcement: Next Generation Compliance
Kathleen Johnson, EPA
Deborah Jordan, EPA

1:00 Inspection Tools & Techniques
Don Dumaine, SMAQMD
Ed Giacometti, BAAQMD - Presentation
Jake Felton, SJVAPCD
Leadership Concepts
Leadership Concepts Workbook
Greg Mayes, SCAQMD
2:00 Inter-Agency & District Collaboration
Moderator: Jeff Lindberg, ARB
Lisa Brown, CHIMEA - Presentation, Interagency Checklist
Jeff Metzinger, Fire Chief, Sacramento Airports
Lisa Jameson, EMD
Doing More with Less
Ryan Hayashi, SJVAPCD - Presentation
Greg Mayes, SCAQMD - Presentation
3:15 Dealing with Difficult People
Rosemarie Codog, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
Planning for Future Challenges
Todd Sax, ARB - Presentation
Alan Abbs, CAPCOA - Presentation
4:15 Before You Go Home, What's the Take Home?
Alan Abbs, CAPCOA


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