Heavy-Duty Diesel Emission Control Label (ECL) Inspection Program

This page last reviewed April 2, 2014

The Air Resources Board, in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol, have proposed regulations establishing inspection protocol for determining whether the engine of a heavy-duty vehicle met the federal emission standard applicable to the engine's model year at the time of manufacture, pursuant to AB 1009 (Pavley 2004).

The Final Regulation Order for the Air Resources Board's amendments to Title 13, CCR Sections 2180 through 2189 have been approved and filed with the Secretary of State. The regulation became effective on February 15, 2007.     

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Hearing Action and Supplemental 15-day Notices

Posted May 10, 2006
Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text (pdf 12K)
(Deadline for Public Comment passed)

Formal Regulatory Activity, top page (Posted June 1, 2006)
Board Hearing Presentation (Posted February 21, 2006)
Frequently Asked Questions (Posted February 21, 2006)
Email your regulatory (or non-regulatory) comments

January 2006 Public Hearing Notice and Related Material

Public Hearing Notice
Staff Report: Initial Statement of Reasons
  APPENDIX A: AB 1009 Legislation
  APPENDIX B: NAFTA Provisions
  APPENDIX C: Proposed Regulation Order

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