Gasoline Deposit Control Additives Program

This page last reviewed May 16, 2017

The Gasoline Deposit Control Additives Program was adopted by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) in 1990. California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 13, Section 2257(d), specifies the requirements for recordkeeping for deposit control additives in California gasoline.

General Requirements

Who is Affected?

Any producer, importer, and distributor of California gasoline who has been issued a certification for use of an additive is subject to the requirements of the regulation.

What is Required?

The producer, importer or distributor must compile and retain records indicating on a monthly basis that the California gasoline contains at least the minimum concentration of the additive(s) identified in the final application for certification. The records must be retained for at least two years.

When Do I Submit Records?

These records must be provided to the Air Resources Board within 20 days of a written request. If records are not provided as requested, the volume of gasoline represented is presumed to be in violation of the additive requirement.

Requirements for Loading Terminals

For each of the proprietary and nonproprietary loading terminal that additizes California gasoline or contracts to have California gasoline additized, additization records are required to indicate on a monthly basis the grade and volume of gasoline, name and volume of additive used, resultant additive usage rate, and the required additive usage rate for every month of the year.

How to Comply?

To comply with the gasoline deposit control additives program requirements, you may complete the additives form below and submit to the ARB address on the form.


For information regarding current regulations, Board hearings, and public meetings and documents, please visit the ARB's Gasoline Deposit Control Additives web page.

If you have questions regarding the enforcement of gasoline deposit control additives, please email Juan Osornio or telephone (626) 350-6575.