Fuels Distributor Certification Program

This page last reviewed July 30, 2019

The Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor Certification Program was established by the California Health and Safety Code (HSC) 43026 in 1990 in response to the involvement of organized crime in the fuel distribution business. This program, in conjunction with fuels inspections and special investigations, reduces the potential for criminal activity in the fuels industry by providing fuels retailers and manufacturers a list of recognized business entities which are registered with the Air Resources Board.

List of Currently Certified Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributors Coming Soon

Requirements of the Fuels Distributor Certification Program:

Any motor vehicle fuels distributor who conducts business within the state of California must certify with the ARB. This requirement includes providing the physical location of all records pertaining to the production, purchase and delivery of motor vehicle fuel. The regulation defines a "motor vehicle fuels distributor" as:

"any person who (1) refines, blends, or otherwise produces motor vehicle fuel, or (2) with an ownership interest in the fuel, transports or causes the transport of motor vehicle fuel at any point between a production or import facility and a retail outlet, or sells, offers for sale, or supplies motor vehicle fuel to motor vehicle fuel retailers."

How to Become a Certified Distributor:

We no longer mail out applications nor certificates; we have since transitioned to an online process via our new Fuels Portal. Distributors can now apply for, manage, and download Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor certificates through this portal. Each certificate will be effective from July 1st of the year of issuance through June 30th of the following year.

To better assist with the application process, please download the Fuels Portal Manual.

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If you need further information about the Fuels Distributor Certification Program or would like a copy of the list of Registered Fuels Distributor, please email Tony Doan.