Placer County Department of Public Works, MCM Construction, Inc., and Yelton Company, Inc. Case Settles for $8,000

This page last reviewed July 31st, 2014.

In January 2014, Placer County Public Works, MCM Construction, Inc., and Yelton Construction paid $8,000.00 in penalties for violating air quality regulations. 

State law establishes the Asbestos National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants as Airborne Toxic Control Measure (Asbestos ATCM) enforceable by Air Resources Board (ARB). The Asbestos ATCM requires the owner(s) or operator(s) of demolition or renovation activities to provide written notification of the intention to demolish or renovate a regulated facility ten (10) working days before work begins and to thoroughly inspect for the presence of asbestos. 

An inspection by ARB showed that Placer County, MCM Construction and Yelton failed to properly notify ARB before demolishing a bridge in Placer County. To settle the case, Placer County, MCM Construction, and Yelton agreed to the $8,000.00 penalty. MCM Construction, and Yelton also agreed to have one of their employees attend and complete the 40-hour Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response ACT (AHERA) Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training.