JEG’S Automotive, Inc. Case Settles for $1,700,500

This page last reviewed January 17, 2018

In December 2017, JEG’S Automotive, Inc. (JEGS) settled its case with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). A routine investigation by CARB revealed that JEGS sold, offered for sale, and/or advertised aftermarket parts which is unlawful and in violation of California Vehicle Code section 27156(c) and California Code of Regulations, title 13, section 2220 et seq. Such performance parts replace or modify vital original emission components and manufacturer specified engine operating conditions, and thus must be evaluated by CARB to demonstrate continued emissions compliance.

JEGS has agreed to implement a compliance plan, place disclaimers in its catalog and on all other advertisements for each and every non-exempt part, pay a penalty of $850,250 to the Air Pollution Control Fund, pay $425,125 to the Placer Community Based Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP), and pay $425,125 to the Installation of Air Filtration Systems in Schools SEP. The penalty obtained in this case is $250 per unit for approximately 6,802 parts. JEGS has agreed not to install, sell, offer for sale, or advertise in California any add-on or modified aftermarket part in violation of California Code of Regulations, title 13, section 2220 et seq. California Vehicle Code section 27156.