Technical Analysis Comment Log

This page last reviewed on April 19, 2010

# Received From Subject Date Received Attachments (if applicable)
1 Laura Wisland, Union of Concerned Scientists; Gregg Morris, The Green Power Institute UCS and GPI comments on ARB's proposed technical, economic, and environmental analyses for the 33% Renewable Electricity Standard. January 4, 2010
2 Shannon Eddy, Large-scale Solar Association Comments On Draft Analyses For The California Renewable Electricity Standard January 8, 2010
3 Paul Kariya, Independent Power Producers Association of British Columbia Comments on Technical Feasibility and Environmental Analysis California Air Resources Board (ARB) – Draft for Public Comment January 8, 2010
4 Seema Srinivasan on behalf of the Energy Producers and Users Coalition and the Cogeneration Association of California Renewable Electricity Standard Proposal January 12, 2010
5 Ted Ko, FIT Coalition Comments on the Second Public Workshop for the Renewable Electricity Standard.  RE: Technical Feasibility Analysis January 26, 2010
6 Phil Reese, California Biomass Energy Alliance Comments on RES Work Plan February 22, 2010
7 Alan C. Lloyd, International Council on Clean Transportation Transportation Electricity and Renewable Electricity Standard March 3, 2010

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