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Emission Inventory 
This page updated March 14, 2003. The links are updated regularly.
What's New
Summaries of recent emission inventory activities, upcoming workshops, papers and staff reports.
District Resources Resources useful to anyone who creates, maintains, or uses Emission Inventories.
Community Health The Air Resources Board is advancing a new agenda to ensure that all California communities have clean, healthful air -- by addressing not only the regional smog that hangs over our cities but also the nearby toxic pollution that is generated within our communities.
Emission Inventory
View toxics and criteria pollutant emissions data collected by the ARB and local air pollution agencies.
California Air
Toxics Inventory
A summary of the emissions available for toxic substances found on the U.S. EPA's Urban Air Toxics (UAT) list.
Mobile Source
Emission Inventory
Emissions models and other information for estimating on-road and off-road mobile source emissions are located here.  
Information for the following programs is available here: Children's Environmental Health (SB 25), Air Toxics 'Hot Spots' Program (AB 2588), California Clean Air Act Nonvehicular Source Fee Regulation (AB 1103), and the Emission Inventory Improvement Program (SB 2174).
PM and Ammonia
Information about the ARB's PM10, PM2.5, and ammonia inventory development and research efforts. Includes size fraction data.
Methods developed by the ARB and districts to calculate emissions from area sources such as unpaved road dust and dry cleaners. 

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