Welcome to the Emissions Analytical and Visualization Tool

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Emissions Analytical and Visualization Tool
Emissions Analytical and Visualization Tool (ver 1.0)
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Welcome to the Emissions Analytical and Visualization Tool

This online tool will help users to query, view, and analyze emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from large facilities in California. The tool is designed to serve several ARB's climate change programs, including but not limited to:
  • Mandatory GHG Emissions Reporting and Verification
  • Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade
  • AB 32 Adaptive Management Plan
  • Environmental Justice Programs
Users can find facilities and associated GHG emissions at the state, regional, local and community levels, and present the data in maps, charts and tabular formats. The following information are integrated into the tool to help users conducting analysis, assessment and planning in a broad context:
  • Maps of California Air Basins, Districts, Counties, Zip Codes and Townships
  • Maps of PM2.5 and Ozone Non-Attainment Areas
  • Air Quality Monitoring Networks
  • CalEnviroScreen Tool v2.0 (Census Tracts) and v1.1 (Zip Codes)


  • Layout
  • Facility Search Criteria
  • Maps
  • Charts
    • Pie Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Column Chart
    • Tree Map
  • Analysis
  • Data
  • Emissions Summary


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