refNum 45 – PM Speciation Database Maintained by Professor Michael Kleeman, UCD

Current Status – Available Data

This page last edited: 3/18/2005

Professor Michael Kleeman of UCD maintains a small set of PM profiles, which have size dependent speciation. These profiles are consistent with the Caltech Atmospheric Chemistry Mechanism (CACM) aerosol chemistry and incorporate some of the latest PM emission measurements such as the diesel exhaust PM measured in the E55/E59 research. Many of these profiles, including diesel exhaust and wind blown dust have been updated in Dr. Kleeman’s set of PM profiles. However, ARB staffs have not yet had an opportunity to review Dr. Kleeman’s PM profiles. The ARB does not yet know how much of the available PM speciation or size bin information has been used or how it may have been used.

The reference document README_PMALL03182005.TXT, contains the database structures, but not the actual database.

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