7.  Miscellaneous Processes Methodologies

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Area Source Categories  Agency
Residential Fuel Combustion  ARB
Residential Wood Combustion  
Residential Natural Gas Combustion   
Residential Distillate Oil/LPG Combustion  
Farming Operations ARB 
Agricultural Land Preparation  
Agricultural Harvest Operations   
Cattle Feedlot Dust / Livestock Wastes  
Construction and Demolition  
Building Construction Dust ARB
Road Construction Dust  
Paved Road Dust ARB
Paved Entrained Road Dust  
Unpaved Road & Traffic Area Dust  
Non-Farm Roads  ARB
Farm Roads ARB
Traffic Areas District
Fugitive Windblown Dust  
Windblown Dust - Agricultural Lands ARB
Windblown Dust - Unpaved Roads ARB
Exposed Lake Beds District
Fires ARB
Structural & Automobile Fires  
Managed Burning and Disposal  
Agricultural Burning  District
Non-Agricultural Open Burning  District
Wildland Fire Use (WFU) Fires ARB
Cooking District 
Commercial Charbroiling / Deep Fat Frying

Other (Miscellaneous Processes)

All Other Unspecified Sources
Supporting Documentation
PM2.5 Size Speciation Profiles for Fugitive Dust Sources ARB

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