Index of Methodologies by Major Category

This page last reviewed September 22, 2014

This location includes the most recent version of the area source methods manual. The area source methodologies are organized by the major categories listed below. Within each major category is a description of the available area source methodologies and the responsible agency.

For the methodologies developed by ARB staff, the date of preparation is listed. Summaries of the area source methodologies and the complete text are available.

District methodologies may be viewed by major category; links to the major categories can be found on the left.

Previous versions of the areawide source methodologies developed by ARB staff are included.

Also included are draft methodologies that have recently been developed by ARB staff.

Major Categories

  1. Fuel Combustion
  2. Waste Disposal
  3. Cleaning Coatings
  4. Petroleum Production
  5. Industrial Processes
  6. Solvent Evaporation
  7. Misc. Processes Dust, combustion, and other sources
    Appendix A.   Agricultural Activity Based   Temporal Profiles
  8. Other Mobile Sources
  9. Natural Sources

    Previous Versions
    Draft Methodologies

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