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This page last reviewed February 26, 2015

Wellness Program

Executive Order (EO) W-119-95, signed on April 4, 1995, recognizes that the physical and mental wellbeing of the State work force can be improved through worksite health promotion focusing on preventive medicine, exercise, nutrition, stress management, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol avoidance, and accident prevention. The order acknowledges that a healthier work force can result in higher quality work, improved morale and productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower healthcare and workers' compensation costs. The Executive Order states that each State department shall dedicate resources to coordinate a wellness program or arrange to cooperate with other departments in their agency or their geographic proximity for program coordination.

The mission of the state employee wellness program, California WorksWell, is to promote a work environment that encourages healthy lifestyle choices, decreases the risk of illness and disease, and enhances employee effectiveness and well-being.

Wellness Coordinators in each State department work to offer wellness program activities and healthy information for you and your fellow employees. In coordination with the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) and the Air Resources Board (ARB), employees are encouraged to stay informed about health issues that affect you. Take steps to maintain or improve your health and use the resources at ARB and on CalHR's website to help make your life a long and healthy one.

CalHR - Wellness for State Employees

For questions regarding the wellness program, please contact ARB's Wellness Coordinator, Christine McDonough
at (916) 322-0473.