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This page last reviewed November 24, 2015

Upward Mobility

Government Code Sections 19400-19406 established the Upward Mobility Program.

Upward Mobility is a California state mandated program designed to offer employees in low paying jobs with limited growth and opportunity to advance into entry-level Technical, Professional and Administrative (TPA) classifications. California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Section 547, requires that the Air Resources Board develop and maintain an upward mobility program. Government Code Section 19401 states that departments shall endeavor to provide to the greatest extent possible, career-counseling, appropriate academic counseling, training opportunities, training and development assignments, on-the-job training and job restructuring.

It is the policy of the Air Resources Board (ARB) to provide equal opportunity and the appropriate 'tools' to facilitate upward movement of qualifying employees.

Upward Mobility Plan & Policy

For questions, complaints, or requests regarding upward mobility, please contact: Christine McDonough at (916) 322-0473.