Within 60 days after achieving maximum production rate but not later than 180 days after initial start up of such facility or at such times as may be required by the Air Pollution Control Officer, the owner or operator of such facility shall conduct performance test(s) under operating conditions specified by the Air Pollution Control Officer and furnish a written report of the results of such tests.

  1. The APCD shall be given adequate notice but no less than five days in order to observe any performance tests made under this regulation.
  2. Performance tests shall be conducted and data reduced in accordance with test methods and procedures prescribed by the Air Pollution Control Officer.
  3. Tests may be conducted under the conditions representing performance for which emissions may be determined for any expected operating conditions.
  4. The Air Pollution Control Officer may at his option assume responsibility for conducting the required performance tests.
  5. All performance tests shall be done by EPA reference methods or by equivalent methods which demonstrate capability for meeting required standards and which have been accepted by EPA.
  6. Emission tests may be waived for hazardous pollutants upon written application to the Control Officer if in his judgement the source is meeting the standard. Approval of any waiver granted shall not abrogate the Control Officer's authority under these Rules and Regulations or in any way prohibit the Control Officer from later cancelling such waiver.