302.1 Requirements

  1. No person shall knowingly set or permit open outdoor fires unless that person has been issued a valid permit by the APCO or a designated agency. (Section 41852).
  2. A permit shall not be issued unless information is provided as required by the APCO or a designated agency, including:
    1. Name and address of the applicant.
    2. Location of proposed burn.
    3. Acreage or estimated tonnage, and type of material to be burned.
    4. Any other information the APCO or the designated agency may deem pertinent.
  3. Each permit issued shall bear a statement of warning containing the following words or words of like or similar import: " THIS PERMIT IS VALID ONLY ON THOSE DAYS DURING WHICH AGRICULTURAL BURNING IS NOT PROHIBITED BY THE STATE AIR RESOURCES BOARD OR THE AIR POLLUTION CONTROL DISTRICT PURSUANT TO SECTION 41855 OF THE HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE." ( Section 41854 ).
  4. The designated agency shall forward the permit information received from applicants to the APCO within 48 hours for permit review.
  5. A designated agency shall not issue an APCD permit to itself or to another designated agency.

302.2 Exception.

Residential and Recreational open burning as described in Rule 310.2 E and F are exempt from burning permits from the APCO. This does not exempt persons from permits required by other agencies in compliance with the Public Resources Code or other ordinances.