(Adopted October 20, 1994; Amended May 16, 1996)

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to provide an administrative mechanism, and establish standards for registration of certain portable emissions units for operation at participating districts throughout the State of California. The Districts may update, through rulemaking, the emissions standards for new emissions units as more effective control technology becomes available.

2.0 Applicability

Nothing in this rule shall be construed as requiring registration for an emissions unit which otherwise is exempt from the District's permit requirements (Rule 2020 - Permit Exemptions). The provisions of this rule shall not apply to equipment used in agricultural operations as defined in the California Health and Safety Code Section 42310(e). Emissions units used in conjunction with the following portable equipment source categories shall be eligible for registration under the provisions of this rule:

3.0 Definitions

For the purpose of this rule, the following definitions apply:

4.0 Registration Process:

5.0 Source Category Requirements:

6.0 General Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

7.0 Testing Requirements

Testing to verify compliance with the applicable requirements shall be conducted at the expense of the registered owner or operator at the request of the district and in accordance with the methodology prescribed by the district.

The district must accept prior test results from test conducted within the last two years, provided that operator proves to the satisfaction of the Air Pollution Control Officer that the prior testing was conducted in accordance with appropriate methods, and the conditions under which the unit was tested represent the operating conditions of the equipment as proposed.

8.0 Prohibitions

9.0 Implementation Schedule

The owner or operator of an emissions unit subject to the provisions of this rule shall apply for registration according to the following schedule: