(Amended 11-27-78, 1-3-84)

The APCO may exempt any kind or type of machines or devices within the following categories:

  1. Internal combustion engines;
  2. Equipment used exclusively for space heating or air conditioning, other than boilers;
  3. Equipment used in the preparation of food products that are intended for human consumption within 24 hours;
  4. Steam generators, steam superheaters, water heaters, and closed heat transfer systems that are fired exclusively with one of the following:
    1. Natural gas;
    2. Liquefied petroleum gas;
    3. A combination of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
  5. Agricultural equipment used in the preparation of the land, and the planting, tillage, and harvesting of field and orchard crops.
  6. Self-propelled construction equipment used in land grading, paving, leveling, digging, or other similar operations, other than pavement burners.
  7. Home-use appliances.
  8. Recreational equipment.
  9. Dryers for wood and wood products.
  10. Any program operated by a governmental agency to train air pollution enforcement personnel. (Added 11-27-78)
  11. Any source designated as an insignificant source by the APCO. (Added 1-3-84)

Except for subparagraph j, the exemptions set forth above do not supersede the provisions of Rule 3. (Amended 11-27-78).