(Adopted 10/18/1971, revised 2/24/1975, readopted 10/23/1978)

A. This Rule shall not apply to:

B. A person shall not discharge, into the atmosphere, organic materials in quantities greater than that shown in subsections 1., 2. and 3. below, unless said discharge has been reduced by at least 85 percent, from any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance:

C. Those portions of any series of articles, machines, equipment or other contrivances designed for processing a continuous web, strip or wire which emit organic materials and using operations described in section B shall be collectively subject to compliance with section B.

D. Emissions of organic materials to the atmosphere from the cleanup with photochemically reactive solvents of any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance described in section B shall be included with the other emissions of organic materials from that article, machine, equipment or other contrivance for determining compliance with this Rule.

E. Emissions of organic materials into the atmosphere required to be controlled by section B shall be reduced by:

F. A person incinerating, adsorbing, or otherwise processing organic materials pursuant to this Rule shall provide, properly install and maintain in calibration, good working order and operation, devices as specified in the Authority to Construct or the Permit to Operate, for indicating temperatures, pressures, rates of flow or other operating conditions necessary to determine the degree and effectiveness of air pollution control equipment.

G. Any person using organic solvents or any materials containing organic solvents shall supply the Control Officer upon request and in the manner and form prescribed by him, written evidence of the chemical composition, physical properties and amount consumed for each organic solvent used.