(Adopted 11/12/74; Revised 05/24/77)

          Every petition shall state:

          A.   The  name, address and telephone number of the petitioner,

               and the person authorized  to  receive service of notice, if

               different therefrom.

          B.   Whether  the  petitioner  is  an individual, partnership,

               corporation or other entity, and the names and addresses  of

               the  officers, if a corporation, and the names and addresses

               of the persons in control, if some other entity.

          C.   The  name, location, and  type of business  or  activity


          D.   A brief  description  of  the article, machine, equipment or

               other contrivance, if any involved.

          E.   The nature of the petition  which  is  being filed, that is,

               whether  the  petition is being filed pursuant  to  Sections

               40824, 41703, 42307,  42357  or  any  other  sections of the

               Health  and  Safety  Code,  or  to  review  the  denial   or

               conditional  granting of an authority to construct or permit

               to operate under RULE 501 of these rules and regulations.

          F.   Each petition  shall be signed by the petitioner, or by some

               person on his behalf,  and  where  the person signing is not

               the petitioner, it shall set forth his authority to sign.

          G.   Petitions  for  revocation  of  permits   shall  allege,  in

               addition, the rule under which permit was granted,  the rule

               or  section which is alleged to have been violated, together

               with  a  brief  statement  of  the  facts  constituting such

               alleged violations.

          H.   Petitions for the reinstatement of suspended  permits  shall

               allege,  in  addition,  the  rule under which the permit was

               granted, the request and alleged  refusal  which  formed the

               basis  for  such suspension, together with a brief statement

               as to why information  requested, if any, was not furnished,

               whether such information  is  believed  by  petitioner to be

               pertinent, and, if so, when it will be furnished.