RULE 317
Adopted 03-06-90
  1. APPLICABILITY - This Rule applies to all burning which meets the criteria of a wildland vegetation management burn as defined in Section C of this Rule.
    1. Section D.2 of this Rule shall not apply to wildland vegetation management burns which will occur at an altitude above 6,000 feet mean sea level.
    2. Section D.2 of this Rule shall not apply to any wildland vegetation management burn that is less than 10 acres and below an altitude of 6,000 feet mean sea level.
    1. Prescribed Burning: Prescribed burning is defined in this Rule as the planned application of fire to vegetation on lands selected in advance of such application, where any of the purposes of the burning are specified in the definition of agricultural burning as set forth in Section 39011, of the California Health and Safety Code.
    2. Wildland Vegetation Management Burning: Wildland vegetation management burning is defined in this Rule as the use of prescribed burning conducted by a public agency or through a cooperative agreement or contract involving a public agency to burn land predominantly covered with chaparral (California Code of Regulations, Section 1561.1), trees, grass or standing brush.
    1. Except as provided in Section B of this Rule, wildlife vegetation management burning shall comply with the requirements of District Rules 301, 302, 304 through 306, 309 through 311, and 314.
    2. The designated agency conducting a wildland vegetation management burn occurring below 6,000 feet mean sea level and not subject to Section B of this Rule shall submit a burn plan to the District and the State Air Resources Board (ARB) at least 7 days prior to the burn, containing the following information:
      1. acreage covered by the burn plan
      2. location of the burn site
      3. type of fuel and objectives of the burn
      4. direction and distances to populated or sensitive receptor areas
      5. project burn schedule (ignition to burndown)
      6. meteorological prescription for the burn
      7. specifications for monitoring and verifying project parameters
      8. procedures for notifying the public and other agencies of the burn.
    3. Approval of the burn plan will be contingent upon review by the Air Pollution Control Officer. Upon receipt of the burn plan, within the time frame prescribed, the ARB will provide a 48 hour decision. The ARB may cancel the forecast no later than 24 hours before the commencement of the burn if necessary to maintain air quality.