(Adopted 05-24-77; Revised 06-19-79, 04-21-81, 05-20-85)

  1. RULE 301 through RULE 314, inclusive, shall apply to open burning of all agricultural waste.
  2. For the portion of the County below 1500 feet MSL, the following shall also apply:
    1. All rice harvesting shall employ a mechanical straw spreader to ensure even distribution of the straw with the following exception:
      1. Rice straw may be left in rows provided it meets the drying time criteria prior to a burn as described in Subdivision C below.
  3. After harvest, no spread rice straw shall be burned prior to a three (3) day drying period. No rowed rice straw shall be burned prior to a ten (10) day drying period.
  4. When checking a field for moisture, a composite sample of straw from under the mat, in the center of the mat and from different areas of the field shall be taken to ensure a representative sample. The provisions of Section C above notwithstanding, rice straw shall be deemed dry enough to burn if a handful of straw selected as described above crackles when it is bent sharply.
  5. After a rain exceeding 0.15 inch, (fifteen hundredths of an inch), notwithstanding Subdivision C, rice straw shall not be burned unless the straw makes an audible crackle when tested just prior to burning. The method of testing shall be as described in Subdivision D above.
  6. No field crop burning shall commence before 10:00 AM or after 5:00 PM of any day. The District may further restrict burning hours if it is deemed necessary to prevent adverse impacts to downwind receptors.
  7. No crop acreage which was harvested prior to September 10 shall be burned during the period October 1 through November 15 of each year unless written authority is given by the District. In granting such written authority, the District shall:
    1. Ensure that the amount of acreage which is to be burned shall be included in the District's allotment specified in RULE 308.A.
    2. Require a specific explanation of the cultural practices which require that burning be done immediately.
    3. Require the person responsible to specify why the burning was not done prior to October 1.
    4. Require the exception to be valid only on permissive burn days.
  8. Rice, barley, oat and wheat straw shall be ignited only by stripfiring into-the-wind or by backfiring except under a special permit of the District issued when and where an extreme fire hazard is declared by a public fire protection district or where crops are determined not to lend themselves to these techniques.