(Adopted: September 11, 1991)

Range improvement burning, as defined in Rule 300 M shall be allowed under the following rules and conditions:

305.1 Requirements

  1. Rule 312- Burning Permits.
  2. Rule 313 - Burn Day.
  3. Rule 314 - Minimum Drying Times.
  4. Rule 315 - Burning Management Requirements.
  5. Rule 316 - Burn Plan Preparation.
  6. Under Range Improvement Burning, if economically and technically feasible, the brush shall be felled, crushed or uprooted with mechanical equipment, or desiccated with herbicides, or dead at least six months prior to the burn.
  7. No burning shall be conducted for the improvement of land for wildlife or game habitat until the person who desires to conduct the burning files with the APCO a written statement from the Department of Fish and Game that certifies that the burning is desirable and proper. If the Department of Fish and Game wishes to conduct the burn itself, it shall, on its own behalf, issue and file the statement (Section 41861).
  8. Range improvement burning conducted by a public agency, or through a cooperative agreement or contract involving a public agency, shall comply with the provisions of Rule 307.

305.2 Exception

The APCO may, by permit, authorize shorter drying times, if denial of such a permit would threaten imminent and substantial economic loss.