1. "Catalytic" means a wood fired appliance equipped with device coated with platinum, palladium or other rare metal located in the combustion chamber of a wood fired appliance designed to cause relatively complete combustion at lower than normal temperatures.

  2. "CFR" means Part 60, Title 40, Subpart AAA, of the Code of Federal Regulations Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters, July 1991 revision.

  3. "Commercial building" means any building that does not contain a dwelling unit. For purposes of this definition, area separator walls, as defined in the Uniform Building Code as published by International Conference of Building Officials, shall not create separate buildings.

  4. "Contracting Laboratory" means the EPA accredited laboratory contracted with the manufacturer(s) to perform emission testing or test observations.

  5. "Dwelling unit" means any building or portion thereof which contains living facilities, including provisions for sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation, as required by the Uniform Building Code as published by International Conference of Building Officials, for not more than one family.

  6. "EPA certified " means certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as meeting the performance and emission standards set forth in Part 60, Title 40, Subpart AAA, Code of Federal Regulations, February 26, 1988.

  7. "Garbage" means all solid, semisolid, and liquid wastes generated from residential, commercial, and industrial sources, including trash, refuse, rubbish, industrial wastes, asphaltic products, manure, vegetable or animal solid and semisolid wastes, and other discarded solid and semisolid wastes.

  8. "Gas fired fireplace" means any device that burns natural or liquid propane gas as its fuel through a ceramic, or otherwise non combustible gas log that is permanently installed in the device. As used herein, permanently installed means the burn pan and associated equipment cannot be removed from the masonry or metal base of the device.
  9. "Manufacturer" means any person who constructs or imports a wood fired appliance.

  10. "Masonry Fireplace" means any wood fired appliance primarily constructed on site of masonry products such as brick, stone, clay, or other precast stone or concrete products, which is a non-affected device and is not a pellet stove.

  11. "Method 5G/H" is a test method(s) for determination of particulate emissions from wood fired appliances from dilution tunnel sampling and stack locations as described in 40 CFR, Part 60, Subpart AAA, Appendix A.

  12. "Method 28" is a test method designed to establish certification test conditions and the particulate matter weighted emission values, as described in 40 CFR Part 60 , Subpart AAA, Appendix A.

  13. "Method 28A" is a test method to measure air to fuel ratios and minimum achievable burn rates as described in 40 CFR, Part 60, Subpart AAA, Appendix A.

  14. "Model Line" means all wood fired appliances offered for sale by a single manufacturer or association of manufacturers that are similar in all material respects.

  15. "Non-affected Device" means any wood fired appliance that is not subject to the new source performance standards set forth in the CFR for new residential wood fired heaters.

  16. "Paints" means all exterior and interior house and trim paints, enamels, varnishes, lacquers, stains, primers, sealers, undercoatings, roof coatings, wood preservatives, shellacs, and other paints or paint-like products.

  17. "Paint solvents" means all organic solvents sold or used to thin paints or to clean up painting equipment.

  18. "Pellet Stove" means a wood fired appliance which meets all the following criteria: (a) the manufacturer makes no reference to burning cordwood in advertising or other literature; (b) the appliance is safety listed for pellet fuel only; (c) the appliance's operating and instruction manual must state the use of cordwood is prohibited by federal law; and (d) the appliance must be manufactured and sold including the hopper and auger combination as integral parts.

  19. "Person " means an individual, private corporation, public entity, partnership, copartnership, firm, association, trust or estate, or any other private or public legal entity whatsoever which is recognized in law as the subject of rights and duties.

  20. "Similar in all material respects" means that the construction materials, exhaust and inlet air system, and other design features are within the allowed tolerances for components identified in 60.533(k) of the CFR.

  21. "Solid fuel" means wood or any other non gaseous or non liquid fuel.

  22. "Treated wood" means wood of any species that has been chemically impregnated, painted, or similarly modified to improve resistance to insects or weathering.

  23. "Waste petroleum products" means any petroleum product other than gaseous fuels that has been refined from crude oil, and has been used, and, as a result of use, has been contaminated with physical or chemical impurities.

  24. "Wood fired appliance" means any fireplace, or wood fired heater that burns wood, pelleted wood or any other non gaseous or non liquid fuels, or any similar device burning any solid fuel used for aesthetic or space-heating purposes, and which has a heat input less than one million British thermal units per hour.