All new sources of air contaminants or modifications to existing sources shall comply with the rules, standards, criteria and requirements of Part 60, Chapter 1, Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, and dated as follows, which are adopted by reference and made a part of these rules and regulations. For the purpose of this rule, the word "Administrator" as used in these federal new source performance standards shall mean the Control Officer of the District, except that the Control Officer shall not be empowered to approve alternate or equivalent test methods nor alternative standards/work practices. Other deviations from these federal standards as presented in the CFR and which were ordered by the District Board to suit the needs of the District are noted in the affected Subpart. Whenever any source is subject to more than one rule, regulation, provision, or requirement relating to the control of any air contaminant in cases of conflict or duplication, the most stringent rule, regulation provision, or requirement shall apply.

Category types subject to NSPS are listed below:


 40 CFR 60 Subpart

Last Amended

 General Provisions


Feb 14, 1989

 Adoption and Submittal of State Plans for Designated Facilities



 Fossil - Fuel Fired Steam Generators


 Feb 14, 1989

 Electric Utility Steam Generating Units


 Feb 14, 1989

 Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating Units


 Dec 18, 1989



 Feb 14, 1989

 Portland Cement Plants


Feb 14, 1989

 Nitric Acid Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Sulfuric Acid Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Asphalt Concrete Plants

 Feb 14, 1989

 Petroleum Refineries


 Aug 17, 1989

 Petroleum Storage Vessels (constructed June 11, 1973 to May 19, 1978)


 Jan 27, 1983

 Petroleum Storage Vessels (constructed after May 19, 1978)


 Jan 27, 1983

 Volatile Organic Liquid Storage Vessels


 June 16, 1989

 Secondary Lead Smelters


 Feb 14, 1989

 Secondary Brass and Bronze Ingot Production


 Feb 14, 1989

 Iron and Steel Plants


  Feb 14, 1989

 Secondary Emissions from Basic Oxygen Process Steelmaking Facilities


 Feb 14, 1989

 Sewage Treatment Plants


 June 27, 1989

 Primary Copper Smelters


 Feb 14, 1989

 Primary Zinc Smelters


 Feb 14, 1989

 Primary Lead Smelters


 Feb 14, 1989

 Primary Aluminum Reduction Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Super Phosphoric Acid Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Diammonium Phosphate Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Triple Super Phosphate Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Granular Triple Super Phosphate Storage


  Feb 14, 1989

 Coal Preparation Plants


  Feb 14, 1989

 Ferro Alloy Production


  Feb 14, 1989

 Steel Plants - Electric Arc Furnaces


 Feb 14, 1989

 Elec. Arc Furnaces & Argon-Oxygen Vessels


 Feb 14, 1989

 Kraft Pulp Mills


 Feb 14, 1989

 Glass Manufacturing [except Sec.60292(d & e)]


 Feb 14, 1989

 Grain Elevators


 Feb 14, 1989

 Surface Coating of Metal Furniture EE(1)


 Apr 30, 1985

 Stationary Gas Turbines


 Feb 14, 1989

 Lime Manufacturing


 Feb 14, 1989

 Lead - Acid Battery Manufacture


 Feb 14, 1989

 Metallic Mineral Processing Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Auto and Light - Duty Truck Surface Coating


 Sept 9, 1985

 Phosphate Rock Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Ammonium Sulfate Manufacturing


 Feb 14, 1989

 Graphic Arts Industry - Rotogravure Printing


 Jan 10,1983

 Pressure Sensitive Tape & Label Surface Coating


 Oct 18,1983

 Industrial Surface Coating, Large Appliances


 Oct 27,198

 Metal Coil Surface Coating


 June 24, 1986

 Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacture


 Aug 6,1982

 Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry


 Feb 14, 1989

 Beverage Can Surface Coating Industry


 Aug 25,1983

 Bulk Gasoline Terminals


 Feb 14, 1989

 New Residential Wood Heaters


 April 12,1988

 Rubber Tire Manufacturing Industry


 Sept 19,1989

 Flexible Vinyl and Urethane Coating & Printing


 Aug 17,1984

 Equipment Leaks of VOC in Petroleum Refineries


 May 30,1984

 Synthetic Fiber Production Facilities


 April 27,1984

 Petroleum Dry Cleaners


 Nov 27, 1985

 Equipment Leaks of VOC from Onshore Natural Gas Processing Plants


 June 24,1985

 Onshore Natural Gas Processing Plants; So2


Feb 14, 1989

 Non-metallic Mineral Processing Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 Wool Fiberglass Insulation Mfg. Plants


 Feb 14, 1989

 VOC Emissions from Petroleum Wastewater Systems


 Nov 23,1988

 Magnetic Tape Coating Facilities


 Oct 3,1988

 Industrial Surface Coating of Plastic Parts for Business Machines


 Jan 29,1988

 Polymeric Coating of Supporting Substrates Facilities


 Sept 11,1989

 Note (1) The emissions averaging periods specified in the federal standard are deleted and replaced with 24-hour maximum emissions averaging periods for affected facilities in the District.
 Note (2) The observation of a leak in excess of the requirements of the rule constitutes a violation of the rule.
 Note (3) California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certification and Test Procedures for Vapor Recovery Systems of Gasoline Delivery Tanks shall be followed in lieu of the federal procedure as shown in the CFR. Documentation and recordkeeping requirements shall record results of CARB Certification Tests. 
 Note (4)

The category types, listed herein may contain references to the six Appendices, currently in the 40 CFR Title 60 provisions, listed below:

Appendix A - Reference Methods
Appendix B - Performance Specifications
Appendix C - Determination of Emission Rate Change
Appendix D - Required Emission Inventory Information
Appendix F - Quality Assurance Procedures
Appendix I - Removable Label and Owner's Manual