RULE 6-300 - FEES

(a) Initial Fee:

  1. Every applicant for an Authority to Construct and or a Permit to Operate shall pay an initial application equivalent to that required by Regulation 1, Rules 300 and 310. Where only the sale of serpentine material is involved, the initial fee shall be $300.00.

(b) Annual Renewal Fee:

  1. On July 1, 1993, and each July 1 thereafter, all holders of a Permit to Operate shall be notified by the District of the annual permit renewal fees which shall be one-half the initial fee.

(c) Transfer of Owner:
Where an application is filed for a Permit to Operate any applicable operation by reason of transfer of owner and where a Permit to Operate has been previously granted under Rule 6-200, and no modifications to the facility or operation have been made, the applicant shall pay a $10.00 transfer fee.

(d) Alteration of Equipment:
Where an application is filed for an Authority to Construct or a Permit to Operate exclusively involving revisions to the conditions of an existing Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate or involving alterations or additions resulting in a change to any existing facility or operation holding a permit under the provisions of this regulation, the permit fee shall be recalculated to show any rating changes and pro-rated for the balance of the annual permit period.

(e) Duplicate Permit:
A request for a duplicate Permit to Operate shall be made in writing to the District within 10 days after the destruction, loss or defacement of a Permit to Operate and shall contain the reason a duplicate is being requested. A fee of $10.00 shall be paid for a duplicate Permit to Operate.

(f) Late Fee Penalty:
If any applicable facility or operation is constructed or operated without the owner or operator obtaining an Authority to Construct in accordance with Rule 6-200, the applicant shall be assessed a late fee penalty which is one and one-half times the applicable initial fee. The assessment of a late fee penalty shall not limit the Districts right to pursue any other remedy provided for by law.