ARB's District Look Up Database -- More Information/Disclaimers

This page last reviewed June 4, 2015

The database is designed as a tool for locating which districtyou should be working with if you know a ZIP code, city name, or county name. We know there are some minor problems or issues with the data, and we will explain what we know below. You will always want to contact a district representative to ensure you have identified the correct district. The following are specific observations or disclaimers with respect to this database.

  1. Not all ZIP codes will be reflected in the database. This applies particularly to new ZIP codes. The ZIP code information that was used as a source for this database obtained from the US Postal Service in April 2002.

  2. Some ZIP codes cross district lines and therefore multiple districts may apply.

  3. In a few cases, we were unable to determine to which district a ZIP code belonged. These ZIP codes will not return a district when looked up in the database.

  4. A very small number of cities and counties are located in two districts. In these instances, you will also need to know the ZIP code to determine the appropriate district.

  5. We understand some users will require more than simply the ability to enter a single ZIP code, city, or county into the database. Therefore, we provide for your use the comma delimited files that make up the tables that make up this database.

  6. If a user puts in a ZIP code and selects a county from the drop down menu, the ZIP code will take precedence in the event of a conflict. Similarly, a city will take precedence over a selected county. For this reason, we suggest the user fill in only one of the three selection criteria at a time.

  7. Also view our definitive list of ARB disclaimers for this Website.