(Amended 12/13/84)

A second-stage episode shall be declared when the concentration specified in Rule 708 is predicted or is attained.  The following actions or any combination of actions shall be taken in the source and receptor areas upon the Air Pollution Control Officer's declaration of a second-stage episode or a predicted second-stage episode:

  1. The notification required by Rule 707.
  2. The Air Pollution Control Board and the District Counsel shall be called into session to study all pertinent information relating to the concentration of oxidant and to recommend to the Air Pollution Control Officer actions to be taken.  Those actions may include, but are not limited to:
    2.1. The actions described in Rule 708, paragraphs a, c, and e.
    2.2. The program of previously developed actions, as developed under Rule 705.
    2.3. Banning the use of fleet vehicles, including government vehicles except those vehicles necessary to the health and welfare of the public.
    2.4. Banning the delivery of all non-perishable goods.
    2.5. Banning all service vehicles and all service calls, except those necessary to the health and welfare of the public.
    2.6. Closing all government offices except those necessary to the health and welfare of the public.
    2.7. Closing establishments with 100 or more employees, except those necessary to the health and welfare of the public.
    2.8. Closing admission to public recreation facilities.
    2.9. Closing admission to private recreational facilities such as theaters, shows, and athletic events with more than 1000 parking spaces.
    2.10. Closing admission to shopping centers with more than 1,000 parking spaces.
    2.11. Closing all schools and colleges.
    2.12. Maximum reductions in electrical power plant production.
    2.13. Other measures as required to protect the health and safety of the public.
  3. Whenever the Air Pollution Control Officer determines it necessary, the Air Pollution Control Board may take any action required by this rule with less than a quorum present.  A majority vote of the members present is required for any such action.
  4. Whenever a second-stage is forecast or second-stage is declared, radio and television stations shall be requested to announce or display, at least once each hour, the pertinent facts and be requested to inform the public of the actions taken in accordance with the provisions of this rule.
  5. The Air Pollution Control Officer shall undertake the following actions:
    5.1. Issue health warnings to sensitive persons and those displaying reaction symptoms.
    5.2. Notify the State Air Resource Board when oxidant concentrations reach the 0.40 ppm and again at 0.45 ppm, one hour average.
    5.3. Suspend programs which involve physical exertion of participants using public parks or public recreation facilities.
  6. In addition to the actions taken in Rule 709, the following abatement actions for oxidant shall be taken:
    6.1. Prohibit burning of combustible refuse at any location within the District.
    6.2. Implement the traffic curtailment plan for second-stage episodes.
    6.3. Implement the stationary-source oxidant curtailment plan for second-stage expisodes and advise the affected industries to prepare for possible shutdown.
    6.4. Prohibit loading and off-loading of tankers containing petroleum products with a Reid vapor pressure greater than 1.5 pounds per square inch absolute.

* * * * *