(Amended 12/13/84)

The first-stage episode level represents oxidant concentrations at which persons with special health problems should take precautions against exposure to those concentrations.  Children of school age shall refrain from excessive physical excercise whenever any of the concentrations of air contaminants specified in Rule 708 is attained.  Whenever those concentrations are predicted or have been attained, the following actions shall be taken:

  1. The notification required by Rule 707.

  2. Whenever a first-stage episode is forecast or declared, radio and television stations shall be requested to announce or display, at least once each hour, the Air Pollution Control Officer's declaration of a first-stage episode and shall be requested to:

    2.1. Issue health warnings, appropriate to episode, to sensitive persons in the area.
    2.2. Request the public to stop all unnecessary driving in the source and receptor areas.
    2.3. Request the public to operate all privately owned vehicles on a pool basis in the affected source and receptor areas.
    2.4. Request all employee car pools.
    2.5. Advise schools that strenuous activities must be discontinued.

  3. By means of recorded telephone messages, the Air Pollution Control Officer shall notify members of the public who telephone the District headquarters.

  4. A person shall not burn any combustible refuse at any location within the source or receptor area.

  5. In addition the following abatement actions for oxidant shall be taken:

    5.1. Implement traffic curtailment plans for first-stage episodes to reduce vehicular traffic.
    5.2. Implement stationary source oxidant curtailment plan for first-stage episodes.
    5.3. Curtail the use of paint spray booths, degreasers and other hydrocarbon-emitting equipment.

* * * * *